Advanced Monopoly Property Value Calculator

This is the Advanced Monopoly Property Value Calculator. To read more about these calculators click here.

The Advanced Monopoly Property Value Calculator makes several assumptions (the basic version is easier to use and can be found here):

  • It assumes that the information you input into calculator will not change for the duration of the game.
  • It assumes that all players follow the same “Get out of Jail” strategy.
  • It assumes that one player will not lose before other players and that all players will play until the end.
  • The calculator does not take into account the current position of the counters on the board.

The last two assumptions do not make much of a difference when there are many rounds remaining in the game.

Instructions for using the advanced calculator:

  • Enter the exact name of the property. (You can copy and paste it in from the complete list over here.)
  • Enter how many other players are in the game, excluding you.
  • Enter an estimate for how many more rounds you think the game will last. One round is complete when every player has gone through the cycle of rolling their die and moving their pieces.
  • If players are trying to get out of jail as quickly as possible enter “Yes”. If players are trying to stay in jail for as long as possible enter “No”
  • If it’s a standard property or a utility then enter “Yes” if you control the entire set. Enter “No” if you don’t. If it’s a railroad then enter the total number of railroads you control.
  • If it’s a standard property and you control the rest of the set then enter “Yes” if you plan to build a hotel. The calculator assumes that you will build it instantly. Enter “No” if you don’t plan to build a hotel there. The calculator assumes that you will build neither houses nor hotels on that land.

The result will be the amount of income you would expect to make from that property by the end of the game under the assumptions listed above.

To use the basic version of the calculator click here.

3 thoughts on “Advanced Monopoly Property Value Calculator

  1. You probability engine has a problem the orange properties will almost always beat the any other property because advance to go and go to jail cards/spaces. Yet you have the park place and boardwalk producing more income.

    • Brian Morgan says:

      I agree. This calculator values the dark blues much more than the oranges, but I would take the oranges any day. Was also surprised that it did not value the light blues more, they give you a great return on investment.

  2. Rob says:

    The calculator doesn’t seem to take into account one of the most important potential cash flows in a Monopoly deal – the amount you will have to pay the person to whom you sell it throughout the game. This should at least double the value of each property in a 2 player game since the income I should expect to receive from the property should be the amount my opponent also should expect. It will probably be even higher as my opponent likely wants to buy the property to complete a set. The best strategy is clearly never to sell property outright unless forced to by solvency concerns. Property should always be traded in a deal that, if not favorable, is at least an even trade. This strategy makes the value calculator worth quite a bit less, but suggests one be built to evaluate trades. This would imply much more information needed in the calculator, as you would want to know the ownership of much more property.

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