Silicon Valley Companies Are So Full Of Men, Women Had To Be Hired For The Holiday Parties

January 8, 2018 in Daily Bulletin

Sarah Frier wrote about Silicon Valley holiday parties:

  • The gender imbalance at tech companies mean that most employee holiday parties would be dominated by males.
  • To get around this there are companies that will provide models for $50-$200 an hour to socialize with guests at parties.
  • The models aren’t always female – about a quarter will be male to up the overall look and classiness of the event.
  • The models are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, and to pretend that they’re involved with the company.
  • They will be coached with employee names that they can refer to as friends if they’re asked why they haven’t been seen before.
  • To make sure that the models aren’t caught in compromising situations they’re often given strict, relatively conservative dress codes, and required to not drink alcohol.

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