Basic Monopoly Property Value Calculator

This is the Basic Monopoly Property Value Calculator. To read more about these calculators click here.

The Basic Monopoly Property Value Calculator makes several assumptions (the advanced version makes fewer assumptions and can be found here):

  • It assumes that whoever owns the property owns all the cards from that set and builds hotels on them instantly.
  • In the case of railroads, it assumes that all four railroads are held.
  • In the cast of utilities, it assumes that both the utilities are held.
  • It assumes that all players pay $50 to get out of jail as soon as possible.
  • It assumes that one player will not lose before other players and that all players will play until the end.
  • The calculator does not take into account the current position of the counters on the board.

The last two assumptions do not make much of a difference when there are many rounds remaining in the game.

Instructions for using the basic calculator:

  • Enter the exact name of the property. (You can copy and paste it in from the complete list over here.)
  • Enter how many other players are in the game, excluding you.
  • Enter an estimate for how many more rounds you think the game will last. One round is complete when every player has gone through the cycle of rolling their die and moving their pieces.

The result will be the amount of income you would expect to make from that property by the end of the game under the assumptions listed above (especially the hotel one.)

To use the advanced version of the calculator click here.

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