The Cost of a Supervillain Lair

March 12, 2012 in Editorial, Top

As any good James Bond villain knows, before you start conquering the world you have to have an evil lair to plot and scheme from. After all, where is the fun in pulling off the perfect plan if you can’t laugh about it from a black leather chair in an undisclosed area?

Name: Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Organisation: SPECTRE

Hobbies: World Domination

Before you start building, you need a location. Now downtown Tokyo is fine or perhaps a charming flat in Brooklyn…. but wouldn’t you prefer a nice estate on the side of a volcano? This should set you back $3.95 million.

Assuming that a lava free spot can be found, how much would the base itself cost? Depends on what you’re after but the Secret Service MI6 building including special requirements for instance came to $240,680,720

Name: Secret Intelligence Service Building

Location: London, UK

Cost: £152.6million

An evil lair is equal parts location and awesome engineering. Whether it be underwater, in a volcano, or on the moon it’s going to be somewhere unexpected and cool. Now the lair could be built anywhere, so as an estimated cost of some cool engineering we’re adding the cost of the Channel Tunnel; at 31.4 miles long and underwater it just says evil lair material for £11,000,000,000 or $17,389,900,000

Having a base and location is all well and good, but someone needs to be inside shooting dangerously close to 007 as he runs past. The military of the Seychelles includes an air force and consists of 200 people at $14.85m per year. This sounds pretty reasonable for an evil regime with enough grunts to be shot down by heroes.

“200 henchmen? How insulting”

Final additions? Twenty piranhas will set you back $300, the awesome chair $7,100, and a superhenchman for $157,860, from wages that ex-special forces can earn in the private sector.

Altogether then? $17.635 billion startup plus $15.007 million annual running costs.

Which is a lot more money than the estimated £29,946 James Bond could expect for his salary.

And the scary thing? There are 35 people in the world right now who can buy their generic super villain base without even having to save up.

Now all that is needed is an evil super-weapon to take over the world.

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