Creative Ways Airlines Have Cut Costs

March 1, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

In the airline industry every penny counts. The Economist wrote about some of the weirder cost-cutting strategies that companies have employed:

  • One Indian carrier only hires female flight attendants because they’re typically up to 15kg lighter than men, and this saves on fuel costs.
  • Others are going as far as to strip out expensive safety equipment necessary for water landings. They just make sure the plane never flies over water.
  • American Airlines famously found that removing the single olive from in-flight salads saved the company $40,000 a year. It turned out the vendor was paid based on the number of ingredients in the salad.
  • Southwest has taken its logo off garbage bags to save $300,000 annually on printing costs.
  • Even the carpeting on planes has been thinned to reduce weight.
  • If the runway is long enough, pilots are encouraged to let the plane come to a natural stop rather than burn fuel on reverse thrusters.

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