The End Of Room Service?

June 3, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

We’ve previously covered the end of the hotel minibar. Seems like soon it’ll be impossible to get overpriced food in hotel rooms. Matthew Yglesias reported on the trend of ending hotel room service:

  • Despite the high cost of the food, room service is a money losing business for hotels.
  • The food itself isn’t always particularly good either since the hotel cooks don’t expect repeat business, and probably don’t have much experience making the dishes.
  • In big cities, it’s also becoming pointless since food delivery services like Seamless allow you to order food from a variety of vendors to wherever you’re living.
  • Instead of room service hotel staff can be trained to offer unbiased recommendations to better serve guests.
  • Almost everybody wins – the hotel saves money, and guests get access to better quality and a wider variety of food. But it does lead to hotels reducing staff levels.

Read more about the hotels that are leading the trend over here.

Source: Slate