Hotels For Professional Athletes

November 6, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Elizabeth Olson wrote about the economics of hotels for athletes:

  • The four major professional sport leagues spend ~$200 million a year on travel.
  • About half of this – $100 million – is spent in hotels.
  • The Marriott chain of hotels is estimated to command 40% of this market – more than anybody else.
  • Hotels can also look forward to additional business from television crews and scouts eager to chat up the players.
  • Hotels have to cater to special requests of course. Minibars must be locked lest players have a party the night before a game.
  • One team requires a 9 p.m. snack of 150 degree bison steak with a crustless peanut butter and grape jelly wheat sandwich. The sandwich has to be pre-made, frozen, and then defrosted 30 minutes before being served.
  • However the market is lucrative and hotels have set up dedicated teams that sell to sports teams.

We wonder if they’ve tried offering bubble bath concierges?

Read more about some of the odd requirements that hotels have to deal with, why the Superbowl is important to the industry, and more over here.

Source: The New York Times