Google’s Monster: Samsung

February 27, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

We’ve previously covered the difficulties that Android is creating for Google. Amir Efrati writes that now they have something new to contend with: a competitor that they themselves helped create. Samsung.

  • Samsung has gone onto become the top maker of Android devices.
  • Google is worried about Samsung’s success and wants to work with Samsung’s competitors to ensure that Samsung’s devices aren’t as successful.
  • Google fears that if Samsung’s domination continues then Samsung will leverage its market dominance to demand better revenue sharing terms with Google.
  • Google may use Motorola, its own hardware arm, to make devices with advanced software features that it doesn’t make available to Samsung, in a bid to ensure that Samsung’s devices fail.
  • Samsung, for its part, has recognized that Google may try to sabotage its success, and has spread its bets by investing in other systems such as Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

Read more about what Google executives are thinking, Samsung’s dominance, and how HTC plays into all this over here.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Via: ArsTechnica