Is Android Killing Google?

April 1, 2012 in Daily Bulletin, Signature

Brian Hall believes that Android, Google’s mobile computer operating system, is hurting Google. Here’s why:

  • The reviews of Google’s devices are negative compared to other smartphones. Both the iPhone and the Windows Phone provide a better experience.
  • Despite the huge drain on its revenues, Google isn’t making much money from Android. Samsung, Android’s most popular device manufacturer might be making some money, but not Google.
  • One estimate suggests that Google has made just $550 million from Android. Yet Google has spent up to $20 billion on Android.
  • In fact, Android might be hurting Google’s core business of search from which it still derives the vast majority of its revenues, slowly killing the entire Google enterprise. Reasons include:
    • Google receives more search queries from the iPhone despite the iPhone having a smaller market share, suggesting that Android’s dominance has failed to help Google’s search business.
    • People don’t really search on their mobile phones anymore anyway. They use apps and Google makes no money from this.
    • Even if people did use Google search on Android the value of ads on small-screen smart phones is low.

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Source: The Examiner