The Future Of Food Packaging

June 15, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Katy Waldman has some fascinating descriptions of what the coming revolution in food packaging will mean for consumers:

  • We will soon see the rise of smart packaging – packaging that can sense and respond to the information around it.
  • This is in contrast to active packaging which is already fairly common. The silica gel packets that absorb excess moisture are an example of active packaging – packaging that serves some greater function other than protecting food.
  • Examples of the coming future of smart packaging include:
    • A sensor that can detect a chemical that fruits release when they ripen – letting you know it’s safe to eat.
    • A drink label that will turn blue when it’s cold enough to drink.
    • A vegetable bag that will soak up excess oxygen in warm conditions ensuring that it lasts longer.

To read more about the coming future, what popcorn shows us about packaging, other potential applications of the technology, how it could help the lactose intolerant, changing the taste of grapefruit juice, the cultural shift in food preferences, some of the current military applications, a line of Aroma Waters that make use of it, and what the FDA has to say about it, click here.

Source: Slate