Rahul Dravid: Family Man

March 9, 2012 in Snips

The news is that Rahul Dravid, a stalwart of the Indian cricket team, has decided to retire. As the platitudes pour in, and the highlights of his career are analyzed, Centives found a statistic that few are likely to pick up on.

Overall, across his career, Dravid ended with a Test average of 52.31, and an ODI average of 39.16.

Rahul Dravid married Vijeta Pendharkar on the 4th of May, 2003. Between the date of their wedding and their one year anniversary he averaged 95.43 in Test cricket, with two of his three highest Test scores coming in this period. He also averaged an amazing 41.77 in ODIs.

Dravid’s first son, Samit, was born on October 11th, 2005. Between Samit’s birth and his first birthday Dravid averaged 62.00 in Tests and 44.11 in ODIs.

His second son, Anvay, was born on April 27th, 2009. By that time Dravid had ceased to be a regular fixture in the ODI side, but within the first year of his son’s life he averaged 95.33 in Tests.

The numbers indicate that over his career Rahul Dravid used his family as a source of inspiration and achievement.

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