A Gym For Dogs

June 29, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Remember that gym membership you signed up for but never use? If it’s any motivation, Steve Hendrix writes that there are dogs that have a more disciplined work out regime than you:

  • Frolick Dogs Canine Sports Club is a 6,000 square foot air conditioned facility with personalized dog trainers.
  • The trainers will help get your pooch in shape by having them run on doggie treadmills.
  • There are also doggie balance balls so your pet can work on its core.
  • All of this costs $50 a month.
  • Pet owners argue that in the summer it’s dangerous for their dogs to run around in the heat, and so an in doors facility is a necessity.
  • Others say that it’s a good service for elderly pet owners who may no longer have the energy to keep up with their pets’ outdoors lifestyle.
  • Like their best friends, dogs vary in their degree of motivation. Some will run on the treadmill for fun. Others require a treat be held just out of reach to encourage them to keep going.


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Source: The Washington Post