Lady And The Tramp Stamp

April 30, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Victoria Bekiempis covered New York’s latest trend: dogs with tattoos:

  • As summertime approaches and dogs have their hair cut short, dog owners are using (temporary) tattoos to glamourize their pets.
  • Dog owners say that they go to several events where other peoples’ pets are dressed up in expensive outfits and that this is a low cost way to compete.
  • The tattoos themselves cost $100.
  • Owners argue that their pets like the tattoos. They might not appreciate its design or colour but they enjoy the resulting attention they receive from people who notice.

Read more about the trend, the celebrity dog groomer driving it, photos of pets and owners with matching tattoos, and how the practice is spreading outside of New York over here. And read our entire coverage of Pet Perks over here.

Source: DNAinfo