The Economics Of Winning An Emmy

September 23, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Emmy season is upon us and back in 2012 Michael Schneider took a look at what it takes to win one:

  • The number of contenders for an Emmy has shot up. In 1992 there were 29 shows submitted for outstanding drama series. In 2012 it was 87.
  • Hard copy mailers of the shows are sent to the voters and with the elaborate packaging and posting this can cost $150,000.
  • Show creators aren’t above throwing in a little bribe to the voters. The Food Network included a lunch box with its mailer.
  • To keep the show in the airwaves the stars must hold panel discussions which can cost over $20,000 a pop.
  • Billboards, radio spots, and outdoor advertising also add to the bill.
  • As with the Oscars, marquee shows are scheduled to air in the summer so that they’re fresh in the reviewers’ minds.
  • All in all the campaign can cost as much as $500,000.

Read more about the Emmy campaign, its evolution over time, and why winning one can be so lucrative over here.

Source: TV Guide

Via: BuzzFeed