The Disneyland Of The Present

January 10, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Last year Centives posted an article that looked at the Disneyland of the future. There were to be no more lines, and a wristband that acted as a credit card. We wrote then that the system could be put in place as soon as 2013. Well it’s 2013. And it’s here:

  • The Disneyland experience is now driven by a website and app called MyMagic+ where visitors can book high priority seating at parades and shows.
  • The app allows guests to reserve their spot in a line, and then be alerted when it’s their turn to board, meaning that visitors no longer have to wait in queues.
  • Visitors can also register for an RFID bracelet that serves as a park ticket, hotel room key, FastPass, and, even, credit card.
  • These bands can store personal information such as your name, so that the next time Princess Jasmine kneels to talk to a child, she can greet him by name, and, if appropriate, wish him a happy birthday.

Read more about this new Disneyland experience, exhibits that can interact with you, security restrictions that are in place, and why Disneyland is doing it over here.

Source: The New York Times