The Disneyland of the Future

April 25, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Disneyland is busy trying to pioneer the next generation of theme park experiences. Some of the things in the Disneyland of the future will include:

  • The end of lines. Through the use of a system called xPASS families would be able to book a place in line for rides and interactions with Disney celebrities weeks and months before they visit the park.
  • All guests will likely be given wrist bands with embedded chips that allow the park to track them. The chip will have the individual’s name, credit card number, and favourite attractions. As the guests walk around the park random attractions may move to greet you.
  • These features might be unveiled as soon as 2013.

To read more about some privacy concerns, why this might generate more revenue for Disney, and some early signs that the systems are being set up, click here.

Source: Fox News

Via: Marginal Revolution