Toy Stores Are Doing Just Fine Thank You Very Much

September 28, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy protection. Ironic since, if done right, operating a profitable toy store is child’s play wrote Abha Bhattarai:

  • Neighbourhood toy stores are seeing steady growth even as the big players are floundering.
  • Smaller stores offer a more intimate experience and have toys strewn about that kids can try and play with.
  • They hold community events and competitions which can make a visit to the toy store a playground like social experience.
  • Since kids aren’t always old enough to use computers shopping from places like Amazon doesn’t appeal to them.
  • Niche toy stores train their staff better. Some are amateur child psychologists – parents will tell them that their child hates to lose, and the attendant may recommend co-operative games.
  • Smaller industry players can, paradoxically, have a wider selection. Some toymakers refuse to sell to industry giants, and exclusively sell to boutique stores.

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