The Costs Of American Presidents Working At Offices Away From Home

February 20, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

There has been heightened scrutiny at the costs generated by Presidents working outside of the White house. Jane Smith and Frances Robles provided a rundown of Trump’s trips to Florida:

  • Around 250 private flights are grounded for each day that the President is in Florida due to airspace restrictions.
  • Because of this, one local airport reported $200,000 in lost fuel sales over the course of a single trip.
  • One restaurant had 75 no shows – presumably as people were ensnared by traffic blockades.
  • Those blockades cost money. Local law enforcement had to be paid $60,000 a day in overtime.
  • On the bright side there’s increased interest in the area, and the additional foot traffic is offsetting some of the costs.

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