Protesting Could Be The New Brunch

February 23, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

In a way, protesting is the new brunch, wrote Jen Doll:

  • Brunch was edgy (having breakfast food in the afternoon! With booz! Scandalous!) This probably helped explain why it became so much of a thing.
  • Protesting has the same non-conformist edge – and the alcohol may come during a protest pre-game, or a post protest get together.
  • Both brunch and protesting are inherently social, making them appealing to the young.
  • Some are suggesting going to a protest as a first date activity – it instantly tells both parties a lot about the other’s beliefs and preferences.
  • For some liberals the shift from brunch to protests is an admission of how in somewhat vapid pursuits they did not fully appreciate the previous administration.

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