Netflix For Watches

August 31, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Instead of buying $50,000 watches you can rent them wrote Cam Wolf:

  • Services like Eleven James allow people to rent out premium luxury watches for a membership fee ranging from $170  to $900 with a minimum six month commitment.
  • Watches are good for this kind of business since they don’t depreciate, are durable, and have high margins.
  • That said luxury watches are typically bought for their sentimental value – buyers think about passing them onto their grandchildren.
  • Perhaps this is why the services let you pay to keep the watch if you like it – an option that’s used often as clients form emotional connections with their accessories after, for example, a successful first date.
  • The rental companies position themselves as embodying a particular lifestyle. Subscribers to the service can make reservations at pricey bars, meet watchmakers, and network in private jet hangers.
  • One subscriber was upgraded to first class on a plane after a flight attendant noticed the timepiece.

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