It Sucks If Your Name Is Alexa…

January 30, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Joanna Stern wrote about the plight of those named Alexa:

  • Microsoft named its virtual assistant Cortana. Apple named its version Siri.
  • Amazon wanted its own product to seem more human. In doing so it called it Alexa – the 39th most popular girl’s name in America.
  • When one father asked his daughter, Alexa, to get him a glass of water, Amazon’s product offered to buy a bottle of premium bottled water.
  • Amazon allows users to change the key word to “Echo”, “Amazon”, or “computer” – but few know this.
  • In the future Amazon is hoping that it can use biometrics to figure out which Alexa an individual is referring to, based on tone of voice.

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Via: Marginal Revolution