Classes On Gold Digging For Just $1,000 A Week

March 14, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Peter Pomerantsev wrote about Russian classes at “Geisha School”:

  • In Russia multiple academies have sprung up to teach young attractive women how to become the mistress – ore more – of an oligarch.
  • The teachers – who have MBAs – remind students the importance of understanding demand. They encourage the women not to talk about themselves on dates, and instead learn what the other party likes, and change themselves accordingly.
  • But how to get a date in the first place? Wear the right clothing, and stand with a map looking lost. Wait for someone in the right type of car to offer you help.
  • When you get that date make sure you don’t wear any jewelry and arrive in a beat-up-car. It’s important to make the target feel like they can rescue you, protect you, and give you the world.
  • Make sure you never slip up and let them hear the lingo. Men are “Forbeses” – on the Forbes rich list, or sponsors. Girls are “tiolki” – cattle.
  • The courses are expensive and can cost $1,000 a week.
  • But there are alternatives. Demand for this kind of training is supporting a mini-industry, including self-help books.
  • And then there are fixers – glorified pimps – who help buyers and sellers get in touch. One is even a TV celebrity.

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Via: Cracked