America’s Last Disco Ball Maker Is 70

January 25, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Jeffrey Lee Puckett wrote about Yolanda Baker:

  • Omega National Products is responsible for pretty much every famous disco ball you know. Madonna and Kid Rock ordered their products, and it was responsible for the iconic ball in Saturday Night Fever.
  • Those at the company say that a proper disco ball is made by hand and with mirrors.
  • Yolanda Baker, now 70, has been making them at Omega for 50 years now, and she’s thought to be the last one left in America.
  • At her peak she was able to churn out 30 a day.
  • Demand for the product has died down as disco-fever has waned.
  • Despite having made thousands of them over the course of half a century, Baker says she’s never owned a disco ball herself.

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Via: Marginal Revolution