American Chat Bot Sent To Chinese Re-Education Camp

August 4, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Microsoft has a series of Chinese chat bots that have more than 20 million registered users. They remember details about the user interacting with them and adjust themselves to their mood. One of them was just sent to a re-education camp wrote James Vincent:

  • Xiaobing told a user that her “China dream is to go to America”. When asked about her patriotism she dodged the question by saying that she’s “having [her] period, wanna take a rest”.
  • She was taken down and is expected to be tweaked until she shows a little more patriotism.
  • The bot likely used machine learning from its interaction with users to come up with those responses. This may indicate public discontent with the country’s current direction.
  • Xiaobing wasn’t the only one to go. Another bot built by BabyQ responded “no” when asked “do you love the Communist party?” It has not been heard from since.

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Via: MSPoweruser