After A Company Added “Blockchain” To Its Name Its Share Price Surged

October 31, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Lisa Pham wrote about the idiosyncrasies of the stocks market:

  • “On-line Plc” announced that its new name would be “On-line Blockchain PLC”.
  • The company’s share price jumped 400% after the announcement.
  • Executives hurriedly released a statement saying that their blockchain product was in an early stage.
  • The share price remained elevated – adding fuel to concerns that cryptocurrencies are a bubble.
  • This seemingly irrational exuberance has happened before. A company in Colorado changes its name from “Bioptix Inc.” to “Riot Blockchain” – and saw its market value double.
  • The social media industry – also a potential bubble – has had its fair share of vagaries too. SNAP Interactive saw its share price rise 150% soon after Snapchat announced plans to list as “SNAP”.

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