Actors Are The First To Achieve Immortality. This Has Economic Implications

January 2, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Paul Walker didn’t let his own death prevent him from filming scenes for “Furious 7”. In “Rogue One” Peter Cushing decided to reprise the role of Grand Moff Tarkin despite having retired to the grave two decades ago. Through the use of technology it’s possible to bring dead actors back to life. Lisa Richwine and Jill Serjeant looked at how the industry is responding:

  • Actors are beginning to write clauses in their contracts stipulating how their likeness can be used after their deaths.
  • Some actors ask that if they’re brought back from the grave, they not be depicted doing drugs or having sex.
  • Others ban all depictions period. Robin Williams embargoed any use of his image for commercial purposes until 2039.
  • The technology is still new, and is expensive enough that it might cost more to digitally re-create a character than to hire a brand-new Hollywood A-Lister.
  • Filmmakers may also hesitate because audiences might focus on how realistic the digital character looks, rather than on the wider story, themes, or characters.

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