$100,000 For An Anti-Burnout Program

March 28, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Rebecca Greenfield wrote about J&J’s latest product offering:

  • About half of all senior business executives leave their new role within 18 months of getting promoted.
  • For someone like a CEO, turnover can cost $1.8 billion in shareholder value.
  • In that context J&J’s $100,000 a year program to help prevent burnout seems like a bargain.
  • It involves an initial in-depth medical assessment followed by frequent check ins with three coaches. J&J likens it to the pool of medical experts that surround astronauts after splashdown.
  • In the beginning J&J will take enrolled participants to the Mayo clinic for two and a half days for a examination that focuses on factors like metabolism and stamina.
  • After that the three coaches – a dietician, a psychologist, and an executive coach – will conduct frequent in-person check ins. Sometimes at home to make sure enrolees have access to healthy food.
  • They may also interview family and friends to identify potential future fracture points in the executive’s personal life.
  • All in all executive coaching is a $1 billion industry in the United States.

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