You Have To Run Along With This Food Truck

July 20, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Manon Blackman wrote about a moving food truck:

  • Instead of using cash to purchase food from the moving food truck in Portugal, you pay through physical exercise.
  • A cheese burger requires you to run along with the food truck for 4.2 kilometers. Want ketchup on the burger? That will be another 500 meters.
  • The truck is the brain child of an anti-obesity group in Portugal that wants to raise awareness about the amount of exercise needed to burn off calories from common meals.
  • The group wants to point out the oddity of the rise of food that moves across cities – so that people can move even less.
  • In one day the truck “sold” 20 cheeseburgers, 32 pizza slices, and 50 cups of soda. Hungry patrons ran 406 kilometers and burned 23,000 calories to earn their food.

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Source: Runner’s World

Via: Mental Floss