Where You Go To Sell Mementos After A Breakup

March 4, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

When Meghan Nesmith’s boyfriend broke up with her, she wondered what to do with all the gifts she had accumulated from him over eight years. Then she found Never Liked It Anyway:

  • On the website people list the gift they got, what it’s actually worth, the “breakup price” they’re willing to sell it for, the reason for the breakup, and what they’ll use the funding for.
  • Engagement rings are the most popular item on the site.
  • Common plans for what jilted lovers will do with the funds include exotic vacations, and sessions with “life coaches”.
  • Letting sellers explain what they’ll do with the funding helps remove some of the stigma of purchasing what could be a cursed engagement ring. Think of it instead as a way to help fund a person’s dreams and efforts to bounce back.

Read more about the site, as well as other things you could do with your ex-lover’s presents over here.

Source: Racked