What Happens If You Survive A Plane Crash

January 15, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

You’re not going to be in a plane crash. If you assume that every single person who visited Centives since the website began was a unique visitor, then about one fifth of one Centives reader has been in a plane crash.

But Sophia Warren took a look at what happens if you were to survive one:

  • International law stipulates that if a crash causes injury then each victim must be paid a minimum of $176,000.
  • The average settlement in the US though is $4.5 million across all victims of crashes.
  • Beyond that things depend on things like the amount of emotional suffering that a passenger went through in the lead up the crash.
  • Air incidents are uniquely well investigated with a report that will make clear who deserves the most blame. If it is found that the manufacturer was 60% at fault, then they will pay 60% of the settlement.

Read stories from air crash survivors and the amounts they received over here.

Source: Hopes and Fears