We’re Living In A Golden Age For Cereal

September 18, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Erik Rood put together figures on the cereal market:

  • There is no better time for cereal aficionados to live. Since 2000 between ten and twenty new cereals have been released every year – the highest rate in the past 100 years.
  • Just five companies, led by General Mills and Kellogg’s, are responsible for 95% of cereals that go to market.
  • These companies operate in a cut-throat environment. Almost half of all cereals survive for less than five years before they’re pulled from the shelves.
  • Once you find a winning cereal formula though, the rewards are lucrative. Kellogg’s Corn Flames have been going strong in the market for 109 years.
  • Surprisingly though that isn’t the oldest cereal on the market. This distinction goes to Grape-Nuts which were introduced ten years before Corn Flakes, in 1897.

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Source: Data-Driven Thoughts