UK Skydivers Cost The Government £13 For Every £1 They Raised For Charity

July 3, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

William MacAskill had a fascinating article about unintended consequences:

  • Sponsoring first-time skydivers is a popular way to raise funds for charity. One study of 1,500 such events over a five-year period found that all in all they raised £120,000.
  • However, since some of the funds are used to pay for the event ultimately only £45,000 was sent directly to charities.
  • And since these were first-time skydivers with limited training there were 103 injuries which, on average, required nine days of hospitalization.
  • This cost a total of £610,000 in medical expenses – which was paid for by the government through its funding of the NHS.
  • All in all, for every £1 raised, the government had to kick in £13 to deal with the fallout from the charity effort.
  • Bringing the story full circle: often times the sky-diving events aimed to raise money for health-related charities.

The full article has more information about the the study and contains a wider analysis of our blind-spots when supporting charities. Find it here.

Source: Time

Via: Reddit