Uber For Fuel

February 8, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Uber fuel

Lauren Goode wrote about a service that aims to be the Uber for filling up your car’s tank:

  • Users of WeFuel use an app to point to the location of their car.
  • The service then dispatches a truck in 30 minutes to fill your car up with either regular or premium petrol.
  • As long as the car’s tank is unlocked users don’t have to be there for the delivery.
  • It costs $7.49 per refill in addition to the price of fuel which is calculated daily for specific zip codes.
  • Plans for a $19.99 monthly subscription which allows unlimited refuels are in the works.
  • Safety is paramount. The fuel is delivered in a hazmat truck. Your car will only be refueled if it’s in an uncovered space. And the person doing the refueling will take out a fire extinguisher before doing so.

Read more about the viability of the company, and why it launched in a state that accounts for 40% of all electric vehicle sales over here.

Source: The Verge