Trump’s Election Has Been Pretty Great For What He Calls The “Dishonest Media”

November 17, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Elections have an odd way of strengthening your opponents. Obama’s Presidency was great for gun companies. It looks like something similar is happening to newspapers in the era of Trump:

  • Trump stated that the New York Times was losing subscribers. It turns out that after his election the newspaper has been gaining subscribers at four times the standard rate.
  • Similarly, the Wall Street Journal – which despite its conservatism has also been critical of Trump – has seen subscribers increase at threefold the typical rate.
  • And the New Yorker says that it received over 10,000 new subscriptions after Trump’s shock victory.
  • This seems to be because in a time of uncertainty people are rushing to the news to learn more about what’s going on.
  • Journalists have been using his election to solicit subscribers through social media.
  • Facebook is mired in controversy about the accuracy of news on its site, further boosting traditional media.

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