This Professional Ham Slicer Charges $4,000 To Slice Ham

December 22, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Professional ham slicing is a thing, wrote Oddity Central:

  • Florencio Sanchidrián is considered to be the world’s best ham slicer and charges $4,000 to slice a leg of ham.
  • Ham connoisseurs know that slicing machines ruin a good piece of meat. The friction that it generates melts fat and basically makes ham inedible.
  • Professionals like Sanchidrián spend over an hour on the task, and cut slices so thin that it’s possible to see through them.
  • Despite being a celebrity in the English-speaking world, Sanchidrián refuses to learn English. He believes that, on principle, ham cutters should not be able to speak English.

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Via: Marginal Revolution