The Swedish Plan To Spread Unmanned Convenience Stores

April 18, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

NDTV wrote about one Swedish business that is foregoing sales staff entirely:

  • To use the convenience store you have to download and register an app.
  • You then use the app to unlock the front door of the store, and scan everything you intend to take with you into the app.
  • The store will then send you a monthly invoice for the things you purchase.
  • The store avoids stocking things like cigarettes or medicines since they’re more likely to be stolen.
  • A series of surveillance cameras helps ensure that shoppers stay honest. Since you have to sign in the app to unlock and enter the store, there’s a record of exactly whose inside.
  • The founder aims to spread the stores to remote areas that have difficulty getting to mega super-centers that countries across the world have been trending towards.

Read shoppers’ reactions, some of the challenges the store has faced, and other details here.

Source: NDTV

Via: Marginal Revolution