The Rise Of The Night Mayor

February 3, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Night Mayor

Feargus O’Sullivan wrote about the rise of the Night Mayor:

  • Cities usually view the night with suspicion – a time when well-meaning citizens are asleep and more illicit characters take to the streets.
  • In 2014 Amsterdam decided to instead see the night as an opportunity and appointed a night mayor.
  • One action taken by the night mayor was to modify the rule requiring nightclubs to close at 5am on weekends. By letting night clubs pick their own hours there wasn’t a one time rush of sound and interference when all night clubs simultaneously closed.
  • Another initiative was to have night walkers on patrol. They inform night birds in a friendly way if they’re being too loud, and could be more considerate.
  • The idea has been so successful that Paris, Toulouse, and Zurich have adopted their own night mayors. London and Berlin aren’t far behind.

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Source: City Lab