The Other Side Of Custom License Plates

July 26, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Neil Connor wrote about the unfortunate experience of one custom license plate owner:

  • “8” is considered a lucky number by many in China, and one motorist in the country shelled out £113,000 on a license plate with five 8s on it.
  • He then put it on a truck that was worth £3,000 – thus the car was worth about 2% of its license plate number.
  • But while the police are used to seeing custom license plates on high end cars, when they saw it on the truck they assumed it was a fake plate and started pulling the driver over.
  • On the first day alone the truck-owner was pulled over eight times – he spent more time pulled over than he did driving.
  • To compound the problem crowds would gather to take photos of the lucky license plate making it even more difficult for the truck to get back on the road.

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Source: The Telegraph