The Market For Tangled Yarn

January 3, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Carrie Melago wrote that there are people across the United States desperate to get their hands on your tangled balls of yarn:

  • A group of “detanglers” find that fixing tangled up balls of yarn helps relax them in an overwhelming world.
  • To that end 25 pound boxes of tangled yarn can go for $50 on eBay.
  • Online community sites have sprung up where people can send photographs of the mess they’ve gotten their yarn in – and people offer to help untangle it for them.
  • They also discuss untangling techniques. All agree that using scissors to cut out the knots is never the answer.
  • Those on the community like to share “tangle porn” where they show before and after pictures of their ultimately perfect looking balls of yarn.
  • The community’s proudest project is the stuff of legend – 50 balls of yarn mistakenly thrown into the dryer. Over a dozen detanglers work together to fix it up.
  • Some are branching out and offering to help untangle headphone cables and Christmas tree lights.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal

Via: Marginal Revolution