The Future Of Casinos

October 27, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

In a wider look at the challenges facing the gambling industry, The Economist had tidbits about how casinos were planning for the future:

  • Young people don’t gamble as much. But they do like video games. And so casinos are planning to have “skill-based” games for players to bet on.
  • Experiments include “gravity-free” rooms where players can climb up walls, and LED screens that change the interior scenery.
  • Mixed virtual reality shooter games may allow friends to band together to fight monsters – and bet on the number that they’d be able to kill, or their overall accuracy.
  • Casinos might also consider offering bets on televised e-sports.
  • And then there are less ambitious initiatives like offering Game of Thrones slots.
  • It’s unclear if any of this will be able to save casinos in a world where slot machines look like dated technology and fantasy sport betting is just a few taps of a smartphone away.
  • Perhaps the future of casino towns like Las Vegas is to forget their gambling origins, become host towns to conventions, and maybe offer the young a night of debauchery through a happening night-club scene.

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