Kit Kat In Japan

January 4, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Sienna Hill took a look at the weird world of Kit Kat in Japan:

  • Kit Kats in Japan come in flavours unheard of in the west: Wasabi, Sweet Potato, Soya Sauce, and 300 others.
  • The tradition of exotic flavours began when a famous Japanese chocolatier created a passion fruit Kit Kat that was wildly popular.
  • The chocolate wafers have become a cultural institution and are given as gifts to colleagues and students.
  • Their popularity is in part because Kit Kat sounds like the Japanese “kitto katsu” which translates to “surely you will win”.
  • Brand managers have also been creative in their marketing by setting up a promotion where a bar of the chocolate could double as a train ticket.

Read more about the flavours that you can get and the stories behind them here.

Source: First We Feast