Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

July 7, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Reddit started a thread about jobs that most people don’t know exist. Some of the more interesting ones include:

  • Drivers who will get into the cars of those who are afraid of bridges, and drive the cars over the bridge for them.
  • Music composers for slot machine sound effects.
  • Stapler remover – someone who removes staples from masses of documents to prepare them for scanning.
  • Shabbos goy – a non-Jewish person who will do things like push the buttons on a lift, since certain interpretations of the Torah forbid such actions during the Shabbat.
  • If you buy something like a watch worth several thousand dollars, instead of the seller mailing it to you – and be liable for paying duties – someone will be hired to wear it, fly it over to you, and give it to you as a “gift”.
  • Hunters responsible for shooting wildlife near airport runways.
  • A “Bovine Identification and Exit Prevention Specialist” – responsible for ensuring that cows don’t escape from their designated grazing areas.

Read the full thread with hundreds of weird jobs that secretly make society work over here.

Source: Reddit