How Call Centers Are Changing The Philippines

February 15, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

In a wider article about how the call center industry is changing, The Economist had some interesting bits of information about the impact they are having on The Philippines:

  • In the west malls have movie cinemas on the top floor to attract youth to the stores on the floors below.
  • In one Filipino mall the top floor is occupied by a call center. It serves the same purpose – since it’s large groups of young people who work there, it helps ensure a steady flow of customers to the stores below.
  • As many call centers serve those in the west, large numbers of people work through the night. This has led to a vibrant night life with things like 24/7 Karaoke bars.
  • Meanwhile employers outside of the call center industry focus on being able to sleep at night as a big selling point to potential candidates.
  • Worryingly the weird hours and cramped dormitories seem to have led to an increase in rates of HIV.

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Source: The Economist