How A Neopets Type Game Could Teach People To Save

February 10, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Over on Reddit someone came up with a bright idea in the appropriately named lightbulb subreddit:

  • User NikhilSax suggested a game that requires users to take care of a virtual pet. Every time users spend money on the pet, that money would be transferred to their savings account.
  • Another user suggested that different pets be offered. Those who pick a dog would be expected to take it out on walks. Their smartphone’s GPS sensor would ensure they left the house. Thus the game would get them to exercise in addition to save.
  • Cats would be a step down in that they don’t need walks. Then things like snakes and lizards and finally…a pet rock. Where the only thing you have to do is to pay $10 to buy the rock, thus adding $10 to your savings account.
  • For those who aren’t so concerned about their savings accounts, a user suggested that any money that users pay to feed a virtual pet, then be used to pay for a real shelter animal’s meal.

Read the entire discussion thread over here.

Source: Reddit