Daylight’s Savings Time Might Be Key To Saving Koalas

December 1, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Karen Kaplan wrote about koalas and daylight saving’s time:

  • In Queensland, Australia, the population of Koalas has fallen by 80% in the past two decades.
  • Part of the reason is commuters that drive around the time it becomes dark – which also happens to be when nocturnal koala bears are most active and likely to be hit.
  • Assuming that people’s commuting hours didn’t change, playing around with the clocks through daylight’s savings time would mean that people would return from the office while it was light out.
  • Researchers estimated that this would reduce koala deaths by 8% on weekdays, and as much as 11% on weekends.

Read about the study on Los Angeles Times.

Via: Marginal Revolution