Companies With Secret Monopolies

October 30, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

The writers at Cracked compiled a list of companies that dominate eccentric product categories:

  • The striped white blankets that most American babies are swaddled in soon after they’re born at a hospital, are all made by an Illinois company.
  • Since the 1850s a single shoemaker has made the shoes worn by American Presidents. For Obama they re-issued the shoes worn by Abraham Lincoln.
  • A business in Queens, New York, makes 4 million fortune cookies a day – singlehandedly supplying most of America’s fortune cookie market.
  • A Rhode Island Company has cornered the market on making “Body of Christ Wafers” for churches.
  • The religious food-maker’s wares are appreciated because the holy wafers don’t create crumbs, which would inevitably end up on the Church floor, and ignominiously be swept away.
  • The company is responsive to shifts in market demands, and is exploring the creation of a gluten-free version of the wafer.

Read the full list, replete with some clever jokes, on Cracked.