Clothing Designed For Those Who Use Wheelchairs

March 28, 2016 in Daily Bulletin


IZ is an online retailer that offers clothing specifically designed for those on wheelchairs:

  • Usually clothes are designed assuming that the wearer is standing. They can look awkward the wearer is sitting down. IZ’s collection assumes a sitting wearer.
  • Blazers have an arch cut into them (as pictured above) so that pressing into the wheelchair doesn’t cause the back of the blazer to become wrinkled.
  • Pants are altered to reduce the amount of bunching in the front and riding in the back.
  • Shirts drape at the waist instead of lower down.
  • Magnets, zips, or Velcro strips might take the place of buttons to make it easier to get out of the clothes.

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Source: IZ

Via: Marginal Revolution, Kottke