Bank Heists Are A Dying Art

November 6, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

You never hear of bank robberies anymore. Lawrence Dobbs wrote that the artisanal professional is in its final throes:

  • In 1992 there were over 800 bank robberies in the United Kingdom. By 2011 there were just 66.
  • And the average bank robber is old. A younger generation isn’t coming in to fill the gaps left by an ageing workforce.
  • The young don’t seem to be interested in the profession because of how much harder it has gotten.
  • Banks will, for example, hide GPS enabled dye packs in stacks of cash. Take the money too far from the bank and the dye explodes making money from the heist easy to trace.
  • In many ways heisting is another casualty of technological progress.

Read about attempts to keep the dying profession alive here.

Via: Marginal Revolution