An App That Lets Restaurants Sell Their Surplus Food

November 16, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Olivia Vanni wrote about an app that could allow you to dine on the fare of expensive restaurants at affordable prices:

  • Food for All is a startup that aims to connect restaurants which have leftover food at closing time, with individuals who would buy it for a 50-80% discount.
  • In addition to creating a useful market, it would help cut down on food wastage.
  • Of course restaurants want to prevent patrons who might pay full price from using the app. That’s why the service won’t tell you in advance what the leftovers will be. It’ll be more of an “evening surprise” kind of meal.
  • One could imagine that if the services becomes popular, restaurants may feel pressured to list themselves on the app to prove that their ingredients each day are fresh.

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Via: Marginal Revolution