A 3 Word Global Address System

January 24, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

What3words is a fascinating idea:

  • Reliable building addresses, while taken for granted in the west, are a luxury in many countries around the world.
  • What3words is a service that has broken up the planet into 57 trillion squares measuring 3 meters (10 feet) by 3 meters.
  • It then uses an algorithm to generate three words that can serve as that square’s address.
  • As the words are simple and memorable they are easier to use than formal strings of latitude and longitude numbers.
  • Offensive words have been removed, and the algorithm assigns longer words to places that few people are likely to inhabit like the middle of the ocean.
  • The algorithm also makes sure that similar words are on different continents. “Table.Chair.Lamps” is in the United States while “Table.Chair.Lamp.” is in Australia.
  • The system is available in 9 languages and will soon spread to more.

Read about it here.

Source: What3words

Via: Marginal Revolution